The Belisi Skin Tightener: Does This New Beauty Product Work?

The Belisi Skin Tightener: Does This New Beauty Product Work?

When new skin care products that have hefty promises come into the already saturated and overly-hyped beauty market, it’s fair to be skeptical. So many products claim to provide miracle results and instant, dramatic makeovers that it can be difficult to separate the fact from fiction. Fortunately, the Belisi Skin Tightener is the real deal and does deliver what it promises: skin that has a healthy glow and looks tighter and firmer.


The Belisi Skin Tightener approaches skin care in the same way that some of the leading dermatologists recommend: by soothing and calming the skin first. The first step in targeting younger, tighter, and firmer skin is to stop the inflammation. Green tea extracts and peptides in the Belisi Skin Tightener work to calm the skin. In addition to the calming effect that green tea has on the skin, it also provides the skin with powerful antioxidants, which prevent free radical damage to the skin, one of the leading reasons that skin shows signs of aging prematurely.

Beyond green tea extracts, the Belisi Skin Tightener uses a combination of witch hazel, vital gluten, and several polymers that do give the skin a firmer and tighter look and feel. Peppermint oil helps to clear blackheads, reduce inflammation, and keep the skin clear of congestion, while cinnamic acid helps to naturally protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.

While many ingredients that create this effect can cause the skin to feel dry. However, the Belisi Skin Tightener also contains shea butter to help sooth and hydrate the skin, while promoting the overall health of the skin cells.

Who Benefits

While the Belisi Skin Tightener is safe and gentle enough for all skin types to use, there are a few skin types who will benefit most from the regular use. People who have any of the following skin care concerns will likely experience tighter, more firm skin with the Belisi Skin Tightener:

  • Normal skin types who have mild to moderate breakouts
  • Combination or oily skin types
  • Skin that is only starting to experience the beginning signs of aging, usually people in their late 20s and early 30s
  • More mature skin that is in overall good health and follows a regular skin care routine

Skin types who experience wrinkles that go beyond fine lines into deeper, more obvious wrinkles will likely not see dramatic results from the Belisi Skin Tightener, and those who have excessive breakouts on the skin should treat the inflammation and acne before trying any skin care routine that focuses on anti-aging.

Using The Belisi Skin Tightener

Overall, the Belisi Skin Tightener should be used as a complementary product to a regular skin care routine. It should used both morning and night after cleansing, but before moisturizing. The product should be applied to the face and neck, and it should soak into the skin for about one full minute before applying another product. As always, people who are using a skin care routine under the direction of a medical professional should consult with their doctor prior to using a new skin care product.

The Belisi Skin Tightener is only available online through the Belisi Website, and the company donates 10% of its profits to breast cancer charities. There are several purchasing options with the Belisi Skin Tightener that work with every budget.