Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm – Professional Outdoor Motion Sensor & Detector Alert System

Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm

The guard line wireless driveway alarm is one of the most wireless driveway alarms. This driveway alarm is designed to take care of your outdoor motion sensor requirements. It can be installed quickly and take care of your long range needs in a possible way. In this article, you will read the review about Guardline wireless driveways alarm.

Guardline wireless driveway alarm

You can install the sensors about four feet off the ground with the included screws. The motion sensor will blend with most fences and trees. There is a removable sunshade that protects against both sun and rain hitting the sensor eye. The batteries are low the receiver will light up. If you have multiple sensors then this will make identify the location easy.

The sound quality is good but it seems to be poor analogy quality. There is an adjustable audio alert volume if you find the alarms overly loud. You can set up a sleep timer between the alarms if you find they are triggered regularly. It is powered with AC adapter or AAA batteries. It comes with one sensor and one receiver. You can add this up to 12 sensors per receiver for full detection coverage. This wireless driveway alarm comes with an instruction manual but it is easy to set up. The receiver can be programmed to monitor different zones that can include up to 12 sensors.

The guard line driveway alarm allows for many sensors and it tends to use up a more battery. It comes with a weatherproof hood that will protect against sun, rain, and snow. It includes a lot of features and capabilities that compensate for its price tag. It is less durable in extreme weather conditions. Detection zones can be differentiated easily by chimes and LED lights.


  • Easy installation
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Efficient product
  • Satellite-based tech support
  • Range of operation is ¼ mile


  • Sensor is expensive
  • It is not a plug and play product

Final verdict

Guardline wireless driveway alarm delivers excellent results. When you install this driveway then this will be highly sophisticated alarm. There will be a complete coverage of the gate and driveway so that you can install the alarm without any problem. This unit is not cheap but it is highly recommended as a good valve product.

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User Reviews

mike l. – This is a great product, I’ve just ordered 2 more motion sensors it works just as advertised. Good work with this machine thanks.

Jan F. Anderson – Has multiple ringtone options; we found a pleasant ring-tone that our dog does not bark at. By angling it down toward the driveway false alarms are rare. Great improvement over Lord Henry it replaced.

Craig Miller – super happy with this we live in the country and have a long drive so this lets us know when someone is coming it has only missed two cars so far and both during hard driving rain also like we can plug the receiver into 110 and not have to worry about batteries still as batteries in the receiver if power should go out.

Sylvia Westley – Super simple to program (especially if one properly installs the batteries correctly which I quickly popped in incorrectly… Whoops). I picked one of the 32 signal tones, placed the sensor ~ 4 feet up a driveway tree and am now notified when a vehicle is on our property. Works perfectly!

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